SOURCE: "An Adventure in Futurity" by Clark Ashton Smith (Wonder Stories, April 1931)

DESCRIPTION: "There must have been a score of these beings, many of whom were armed with clubs and stones, which they were hurling at the three who opposed them. Their brown-black bodies were clothed only with patches and tufts of coarse, purple hair; and perhaps half of their number were adorned with thick, bifurcated tails. These I learned later, were the females -- the males, for some obscure evolutionary reason, being undistinguished in this respect..."

NOTES: The Neanderthralic Venusians are the slave labor of future Earth. They are cannibalistic Man-eaters. The Martians have been secretly using the Venusians to take over the Earth.

HISTORY: Smith out-does the expected in a Wonder Stories tale by including not only Martians, but cavemen, time traveler and ray guns, all in the same story. This story doesn't have the usual Smithian adjectives found in his Fantasy-Horror tales.