Writing the Mythos: The Trail of Lovecraft Part 4

The trail has been long, beginning in the 1863 with J. Sheridan Le Fanu’s The House By the Churchyard, leading us through the 1920s and H. P. Lovecraft’s “The Supernatural Horror in Literature,” and on to Clark Ashton Smith’s arabesque horror-fantasies of the 1930s, to today. We talked about how nobody works in a vacuum. Big authors send off waves of influence through literature. How we use pieces of older fictions to make something new. The trail ends here, at your computer, laptop and latté in hand, or at your writing desk where you like to pretend at being a gentleman and write with a goose feather. (Hey, it’s your method; who am I to criticize?) The bottom line is it’s time to write a Mythos story.

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Column: Writing the Mythos: The Trail of Lovecraft, Part Four: With Trembling Pen in Hand ….

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