Writing the Mythos: The Unnameable

H. P. Lovecraft pokes fun at a Monster Writer’s Dilemma in his short horror tale, “The Unnameable”. He begins it this way:

We were sitting on a dilapidated seventeenth-century tomb in the late afternoon of an autumn day at the old burying ground in Arkham, and speculating about the unnamable…when my friend chided me for such nonsense and told me that since no interments had occurred there for over a century, nothing could possibly exist to nourish the tree in other than an ordinary manner. Besides, he added, my constant talk about “unnamable” and “unmentionable” things was a very puerile device, quite in keeping with my lowly standing as an author…

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Column: Writing the Mythos: The Unnameable or The Monster as Euphemism

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